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DotW RP: The Kidnap (Blood Strings) I
Part I
Aryn territory, early Spring.

Spring. It seemed the perfect time for life to blossom anew, as the world did. He was just not prepared for his own little flower to be also blossoming into a fully functional adult. Almost adult. They had picked a good day for her to start into this whole new world, however, and the Vicar didn’t really have anything to use as argument to be against this. The sky was clear, there was no sight of any of the Winter’s cold grasp that turned everything slippery, and their party was full enough to deal safely with the situation.
He was not too worried with the strangers, too, as weird it might be for him, though he was definitely not one hundred percent comfortable. Athena requested for them to come, and there was no way he could protest without sounding rude. Maybe it was meant to be.
As their ever-so-excited huntress literally bounced downhill after Eden - who led the
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

So I’m looking to get some more interactions going for my DotW characters since most of them are pretty lonely! Time is freed up with my art focused more narrowed, so replies should be relatively frequent. Below are my wolves and what I’m initially looking for with each! Hit me up with a note or a comment, or we can exchange Skype/Discord, and we can plot or sommat! The suggestions below are just basic ideas but I'm a terribly gullible sucker for heavy arcs and long-term plots, so feel free to tell me if you think any of my characters can benefit your own characters' arcs as well.


DotW: Heel -- the Warlord by wickkh

Aryn wolves! I would like a few interactions that took place during his and the other undercover Vektreni wolves’ stay in Aryn for the handful of weeks preceding the events of Merrill’s kidnapping. Heel is an actor in this setting, so these interactions would be full of faux friendliness and lies! Let there be betrayal! GIVE ME MORE BETRAYAL.

Vektreni wolves! As Vektren’s Warchief, Heel keeps on top of everything he can that occurs within Vektren. He helps in the reeducations, in the trials, in training and sparring, in the growth of youngsters into useful pawns, and so many other angles of the pack’s life. I would love for him to get to know his pack mates better, solve disputes, punish deserters, and otherwise do Warchief things.


DotW: Kaija -- the Storyteller by wickkh

Chandor relationships! Since arriving and growing with Chandor, Kaija’s become a lot more open and friendly and would certainly have many friends within the pack, especially those interested in folklore, history, storytelling, or the rituals of the pack, as she is the only ranking wolf currently within the Grandfather role. She would be a common sight around anyone wisened with experience or well-traveled, or those who can be learned from. Similarly, those that want to learn!

Wolves from other packs & loners, especially those versed in history & folklore! Kaija may or may not travel in short bursts of time and distances from Chandor’s territory in an effort to find new knowledge and stories. Sometimes these trips she tries to get approved and made official by Nadia to exchange folklore and learn more about the domain’s ancestries. Sometimes these trips are not sanctioned and just happen without permission.


DotW: Pasha -- the Caretaker by wickkh

Fellfangir relationships! Pasha is overly ambitious with pleasing every single Fellfang packmate and has probably tried to do chores, favors, or jobs for your wolf at some time or another. He wants to be everyone’s friend, but of course an annoying awkward juvenile can trigger some irritation and displeasure from others too! Positive, negative— any interaction is perfect. I would very much like Pasha to become one of Fellfang’s default caretakers and den maids, babysitting your pups or fetching food/water for the ill, assisting the old and young, taking care of minor injuries (as bid by those in charge of healing).

Loners! I would be ecstatic to see Pasha interact with loners, as well, since his concept of those to trust and those to distrust is warped and now extremely confusing to him. They would definitely have to be comfortable with straying into Fellfang territory or approaching the borders, since there is absolutely no way Pasha would willingly leave on his own accord!


DotW: Ruslan -- the Missionary by wickkh

Wolves from all packs! Ruslan does not limit herself in her travels and makes it across the entire domain in a constant near-circular cycle. Her goal literally DEMANDS she “make friends” and connections in secret with members of the various packs of the domain in order for her to gain news of young pups or litters about to be born.

Loners! Ruslan may have made a name for herself among some of the more chatty loners, since she has been targeting the vulnerable single wolves for over three years. Many loners lost their litters to her, even if the only clue left behind was the ghost of a scent (carefully covered by herbs or cut by running water). I imagine most meetings with other loners would be negative unless the other wolf has never heard hide or tail of the Missionary.

Vektreni wolves! Ruslan is technically doing her best to AVOID Vektren as she deserted the pack three years before, but with Vektren’s wide reach it remains possible for her to run into Vektren wolves. Her departure from Vektren had not been loud, but certainly a year-old Shade-in-training would be noticed when suddenly missing, so any wolf present those three years ago and in a cohesive state of lucidity at that time may recognize her. It would be interesting to get a few of her hooks into a Vektren wolf that doesn’t know her, or create some suspicion in the minds of those that may remember a young wolf like her..

DotW RP Status

Vektren -- Warlord

Chandor -- Grandfather

Fellfang -- Serf



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